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Supperis good, AND SO ARE HERGOTTS IN BED. plus one dick yea vaginal poop shoot safari sponge yea idiot molestation gary makes tasty cakes and bakes my golden nugget pouch on a saturday morning while its snowing. the pope fucked a catholic schoolboy but said sorry over a breakfast of delicious belgian waffles with those strawberries with sugar added so their more sweet than nutritous. and the boy accepted the appology and decided to fuck the pope again after that he travelled to china and was put in jail for political decent. he had the hiccups with aids.
wang chow hergott one day ran to the zoo and had explosive diahrea and the only bathroom was a orga whales blow hole and he let loose like it was mount saint helen and the whale died but seriouly it lived. it moved into a condo that was solid in arcatecture but lacked the benefits of the colonial revolution. little wayne has a dick on his forhead which he tried to suck but it never works. oh what we at. and escaped to canada where he met and indian and he fucked the shit out of that indians pussy. literally. like shit actually came out of her vagina. scientists were baffled.
by luke menden November 13, 2010
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