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Herefordian, is a breed of person who originates from Hereford UK. Quiet and happy folk who spend the majority of their day sat in traffic on Belmont Road, Whitecross Road, Edgar Street or any other road in hereford. Herefordians can often be found anywhere other than their native Hereford as they like day release from their awful town which seems to be stuck in the 60's. Although there is not much for them to do in Hereford you will quite often hear them say "i wouldnt live anywhere else"

Most Herefordians in some way or another were part of or know somebody in the SAS, and most drunken men will tell you that it was them that abseiled down the front of the iranian embassy in london but....... shhhh Dont tell anyone!

Poor us a cider mate

Hereford United we love you! our supporters are the best!

(all 1000 of them!)
by Ooohahhh January 18, 2012
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