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a sick twisted freak who comes off like a gracious, learned and well-spoken man. A master of deceiving his true intentions. Beware of this person.

Herb Sewell is a pedophile amd murderer who is currently on parole from the Atascadero Hospital for the Criminally Insane - a California state mental hospital for dangerous criminals run by the California Department of Corrections. Herb was sent there on various occasions from pedophilia to kicking his wife Diane out of a moving car going 95 mph on the Grapevine highway in Northern LA county.

Herb Sewell comes off as a well-spoken, gracious and eloquent man who likes to leer and work up saliva in the corners of his mouth. He was a cellmate and close friend of Walter Bellhaven, a cannibal and child rapist who went on a child rape and murder spree in the 1970's. Herb currently does World War 2 historical research and does motivational speeches and commencement speeches - one particular speech he does is called "Did the Crime, did the time."
Father: Son! you shouldn't do nasty things like that! You might end up getting adopted by Herb Sewell.

Son: AHHH! Father you are right! Pleeeze forgive me!
by Bobby Dooley July 08, 2009
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