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Another word for happy but pronounced heh-peh or hep-peh.

The word happy according to online sources means:
Enjoying, showing, or marked by pleasure, satisfaction, or joy.

You can also define something as heppeh if it looks like you would like to give it a cookie, a hug, cute, or would like to be its friend.
Heppeh - cute way/observation:
"That bearded dragon looks heppeh I want to touch it's prickly belly!"
"Rayquaza looks heppeh, I want to give it a cookie."
"Happy from Fairy Tail looks heppeh."
"Awwwwe, kitty looks heppeh."
"Heppeh baby." n_n

Heppeh - feeling:
Girl: *says something nice to guy*
Guy:"You make me feel heppeh." ^_^
by Faceless Intent December 02, 2010
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