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A small liberal arts college in Conway, Arkansas. Hendrix is an extremely liberal and athiest school in terms of political views and any attempt to voice a conservative or Christian view is quickly smothered. There is a large population of gays on campus who enjoy dressing in disturbingly gross costumes on a regular basis.

Drinking is fully accepted and condoned on campus and almost all parties take place in front of Martin Hall (the men's party dorm). Other party places include Front Street and random houses off campus.

The school itself tries, like any liberal arts school, to brainwash its students into super acceptance and American/Christian hate through its required first year class, Journeys. Students are brainwashed to sympathize with Islamic terrorists, see Christianity as silly, and to reject any American ideals.
Hendrix College, though extremely unaccepting of different views, is in all other cases very inviting and a great place to go to school. Great Parties too.
by JJwhite October 29, 2006
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