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A passage of gas so severe that it leaves the farter wounded and bleeding, and any other person in the area crying for medical assistance. Calling it a shart would be insulting to the hemofart—like calling Shaq “Mini Me”. To pass a hemofart requires a perfect confluence of detestable hygiene, bad eating habits, and a sweaty, giant, cottage cheese ass. A Hemofart does not just happen, it is something that builds over a period of days, months or even years of poor digestive health. Unchecked by clothing, a true hemofart can coat a wall 10’ away with a mixture of blood, excrement, sweat and hepatitis.
Cory, a 400 pound crack addict, woke up in a gutter in Tijuana after 3 days of gambling, binge drinking and eating from garbage dumpsters. His stomach was gurgling like a drowning bear. Before he could get to a bathroom, a massive hemofart tore from his ass, blowing out the seat of his pants and coating 10 square yards of sidewalk with unspeakable vileness.
by Roberto Chazzie September 09, 2013
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