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1. Female or male of promiscuous behavior that serves only as tool for ejaculate disposal

2. Any various form of protective covering for the head (Ie, worn by soldiers, firefighters, divers, cyclists, Penis's etc.)
3. Anything resembling a helmet in form or position
4. Trucker slang~ A female passanger in a commercial vehicle(rider)

1. Used to describe a Personality, Appearance, Situation, etc

1. Action, event, or state of mind
1. (noun) When I get off of work Im gonna go to the bar find me a Helmet Hel-mit.
2. (noun) Man, I cant this Helmet Hel-mit off my D!*#!!!!
3. (adj) I know, shes been a helmet since I met her.
4. (adj) She sure look like a damn Helmet Hel-mit!!!
5. (verb) All the Helmet Hel-mit in the house im gettin it fo sho!!
6. (verb) Helmet Hel-mit party drunk white women for everyone!!!!!!!
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