Hells Teeth is a Geordie phrase of exclamation, it means the same as "for gods sake" or any other phrase that you can think of that is spontaneously said when one is surprised or shocked.
by anon March 22, 2005
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pronounced (Hellz Teef)
n. Expression of utter surprise. An exclamation

Angela : "Atheism, Its basically a non-prophet organisation"
Thomas : "Hells Teeth Angela!... Must you blaspheme!"
by Rev Tom September 27, 2006
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Exclamation uttered by an individual witnessing something truly awe-inspiring and breath-taking yet ultimately comical and downright ludicrous. Invented at Bredbury Comprehensive School (see Werneth High School) in the autumn of 1988 when 1st year students came into contact with Dave Preston and his monolithic incisors.

Preston's leviathanic gnashers were so much admired by his fellow peers that anything as ground-breakingly ridiculous as them would be saluted with the mixed oath "Hell's teeth" in respect for the goofy fucker's handicap.
"Have you seen Jordan and Peter's kids? They look like a mad scientist's beauty pageant experiment gone wrong. Hell's teeth."
by Craig Ashton February 11, 2010
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