Used mostly to describe foods that are incredibly good.
by Jake Hugo January 23, 2009
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Very cool, Awesome, Swell,Popular, Bombastic, It is the coolest thing a person has ever seen
The chick with the big breasts was hella-bomb
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A phrase used to project one's extreme feeling of their head about to explode. Made popular by Super Junior's Kim Heechul.
I’m trying to learn english for my petalz. Plz understand my bebe english *kekeke It’s hella hard.. *keke My head feels like it’s going to explode Hella Head bomb~
by vipbb November 29, 2010
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1. a) (adj.) Amazing, beyond awesome. When words can not express the level of epic, usually involving explosives.

b) (adj.) Something mind blowing.

2. (v.) The action of forcibly squeezing your head in the space between a woman's breasts at full speed.

3. (n.) A category of porn that makes no sense and leaves you ten times stupider than before you watched it. Still, it turns you on and makes you fap.

4. Most people use this term to explain something online that makes completely no sense. Usually statements made by Asian men.

5. When three people are missing, they are referred to as Hella Head Bomb. Hella, standing for, 'where the hell is he.' Head standing for, 'he left because he's headed somewhere new.' and bomb for 'he left for the army.'
1. a) Shit! Man, did you see that dude jump over the burning tree while covered in gasoline? Hella head bomb, man!

b) Guy 1: I thought that person over there was a girl but when she turned around, it was a dude.

Guy 2: Hella. Head. Bomb.

2. Guy 1: Did you see that hot chick over there? Her boobs look bruised.
Guy 2: Damn straight I did! I hella head bombed that girl!
Guy 1: Hot damn bro!

3. That porno flick about lesbian plumbers having sex in a teacup while eating popcorn seemed good at first, but I realized it was a hella head bomb. I love it.

4. Guy 1: USA cartoon recommendation~ I speak gangster english. I learned a hella wrong one(-_-) lol.. But Its my style.
Guy 2: ...hella head bomb.

5. Student 1: Where did Joe, Robby, and Drake go?
Student: Hella, head, bomb.
Student 1: Oh, I see.
by datamoner October 07, 2010
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