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Part of the brain that stores all memories of a strict, religious childhood. The phrase "Your going straight to hell", echo's through your mind when engaging in certain activities (i.e, laughing at dirty jokes, engaging in sex acts with someone or alone, cursing, reading definitions in the Urban Dictionary, etc) The fear of hell, fire and damnation is alerted in your memory, but usually not strong enough to prevent "sinful" activities. There is no way to successfully remove the Hell-frontal Cortex. There is a theory that one can commit an act so horrific that a lightening bolt from the sky will strike. There are no survivors to verify this theory.
"Every time I get a tattoo, my Hell-Frontal Cortex tells my brain that I am going straight to hell. Then I think, fuck it, and have sex with the tattoo artist. YOLO!"
by Preachers Daughter September 09, 2015
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