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Certifiably one of the fastest ways to get drunk, fit for the king of darkness himself. Set up six shot glasses filled with your choice of liquor (at least 50 proof), lined up like St. Peter's cross with one on top (3 in a line, 2 on either side between the 1st and 2nd, and 1 balanced on top of the 4 in the center), and whenever your prayers are said, you take each shot back to back with no break (aka "riding" the hell train) and try not to spit it all out even though your insides are probably burning like the 8th circle
David: bruh, how'd Chris get shitfaced so fast? We've only been here 20 minutes
Robby: Oh, he rode the hell train twice, he'll probably pass out soon
by devilintraining April 16, 2015
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