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It's self explanitory. It's a slap from hell.

It's when you slap someone with all your strength, combined with the strength from your early ancestors, amped up with a little of Satan's dose of energy, and when you unleash that slap it make the person feel everything that's listed to where they thought they was in hell for a brief moment.
Nicki Minaj: I am the female Weezy up in American Idol. I judge muthafuckas cuz I'm above all dese bitches.

Mariah Carey: Ummm....Why are you here? You can't even sing. Who are you to judge?

Nicki Minaj: Aye bitch, watch what you say before I smother you with my fake minivan ass!!!

Mariah Carey: *Hell Slap* Bitch get your fake ass up outta here!!!! This is the place for people with talent, not whores!!!
by Mr. Ice Cream Man November 02, 2014
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