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A Hell group is a type of Facebook group themed around a certain subject, used as a message board to "shitpost" content such as memes. The nature of these groups tend to be offensive, with people common ostracised for complaining about material being offensive, however these groups usually dissuade abuse and harassment. Popular topics mainly include, but are not limited to, video games and anime.
The most famous Hell group is Melee Hell, a Super Smash Bros. Melee group, and other popular groups are Waifu Hell, Initial D Hell and JoJo Hell. Food Hell is also a notable example of a non-video game or anime group.
"I was thinking of joining a Hell Group, is Melee Hell good?"

"Sure, but there's certainly a bit of drama there. I heard someone found a MH member trading nudes for amiibo on Craigslist and everyone flipped out over it."
by Midak_Skyblast January 05, 2018
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A group on Facebook or Twitter in which people absolve themselves of any guilt. And post racially charged hate, homophobia, obscene photos and gestures. Toddlercon (drawn porn depicting characters made to look like toddlers.) and Shotacon (drawn porn made to look like kids) and they laugh about it as if it's no big deal.
According to my friend since its a Hell Group you can't complain about what's posted. Because it's suppose to be offensive.
by Itaku Natsumori July 22, 2016
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