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-A color between pink and purple
-its not magenta or fushia its another color that is not quite pink and not quite purple
like the color of the heliotrope flower
man I tried to die my hair purple but instead it looks like heliotrope
by the_dork December 29, 2008
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A whimsical and magical girl who is super sweet yet just as much of a badass as her name. After you meet her you wonder if she was real or just a figment of your imagination.
"Dude I think I met this ray of sunshine at a party that brought a bunch of weed from Cali then became Mike and Kelly's unicorn but I'm not sure if I was just dreaming."
"Oh damn, I'm jealous you must have met Heliotrope."
by Zzzman_of_Tx August 04, 2017
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