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A kid (or adult who behaves like a kid) who is simply socially retarded. Sometimes abbreviated to HCB. Oftentimes found wearing hats that have the twirling propellers. The kid generally gives off a distinct unpleasant body odor due to not showering and wearing dirty clothes because his mom did not do the laundry. The kid will look over your shoulder in such a way that his face will be just millimeters away your own. He will constantly ask you the same question over and over even if the answer is “NO”. He will also keep tabs on what you are doing and if he cannot for whatever reason, will ask you where you were and what you were doing. He will ALWAYS say the wrong thing at the wrong time that is completely inappropriate or unrelated to the current conversation. Normal people generally do not congregate with Helicopter Boy, but are forced to be around them because of work. HCB will oftentimes creep out the conventional “creepy guy” at the workplace.
“I can hear the propellers, quiet everyone! HCB is coming over here.”
“Did Helicopter Boy just fall asleep in front of the boss during the meeting for a full 2 minutes?”
HCB: “Red Bull has alcohol in it.”
HCB: “You shouldn’t drink water when you have heartburn.”
HCB: “They’re Christians so want to keep all the money to themselves.”
HCB: “It’s an exoganic reaction!”
by FerociousPenis July 10, 2009
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