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Helaena is a girl you see in the hall who has silky black hair hair and only dyes it black. She is intimidating and emo. Helaena loves sending memes to her friends. She has an amazing taste in music and loves her friends. She likes taking mirror selfies not showing her gorgeous face, so she doesn't make other girls jealous. She tends to like's scary movies and loves slurpie's. She doesn’t like corn chips at all. She loves a coffee shake or a White chocolate frap or caramel frap. She doesn’t want to ever really celebrate her birthday. She minds her own damn business. Helaena is honest and will tell it how it is, that’s why she super cool. She doesn’t like when people spell her name wrong! or pronounces it! She is typically a Gemini. Helaena's typical phrases she uses is "its calm." or "that not it." She is a cool bean, so go and say hello to a Helaena near you!
Example 1
Piper: have you seen her?

Noelle: Oh Helaena yeah she’s over there being cool af.

Alec: Dang I wish I was as cool as Helaena.

Example 2
Guy who has not a chance getting Helaena

Woah you look gorgeous!

Helaena “Thats not it".
by It’s that person June 25, 2018
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