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A disease transmitted by sexual contact or activities usually with a heffatitis host (most commonly a heffa herself - a horrifically fat chick), which results in abhorrent side effects to the victim. The infected male has side effects which include pengilly behavior and most serious of all, a tendency to tune Heffas. Heffatitis become more severe as the side effects progress, usually measured by the downward spiral of heffa tuning. As of yet there are no cures or vaccinations, although some males are more predisposed to the condition than others (it is not genetic). The disease often lies dormant for months or even years, coming active when the opportunity presents itself. Conspiracy theories may suggest that it was in fact an underground group of heffas which biogenetically engineered the disease to ensure that they enjoy a tune from time to time. It is an observation that generally more attractive male specimens are more resistant to heffatitus, leaving only the weaker, more vulnerable and desperate males to contract the horrible disease
1)He tunes so many fat chicks, he must have heffatitis
2)Don't hang out with those heffas, they'll give u heffatitis
by Addoman January 02, 2006
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