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a person who shines the brightest out of a crowd of many. is said to have a big smile on his or her face, and is always laughing. musically gifted and highly intelligent, is very bubbly. heeras are people who are loved by everyone who knows them and are incredibly sweet. good at everything, they bring out the happiness in everyone they see. Heeras are all-throughout diamonds.
He's such a heera, always making peoples' frowns into smiles.

She's such a heera, making everyone around her happy, and knowing the right thing to do.
by dallastamilover November 04, 2011
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1) Crazy architecture major.
2) One who doesn't sleep.
3) A person with a silly and/or bad music taste.
1) Look at that heera designing that huge hotel with 5 rooms!
2) It's 3am and you're up watching Family Guy?! What a heera!

by N___ M___ April 08, 2008
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Someone who should suck a dick and get all their stuff together as they don't know what they are doing and how to act in certain situations. They are not confident
Heera is dumb
by Hypocrite778 February 26, 2020
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