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Hedda Gabler, in Henrik Ibsen's play, became infatuated with Ejlert Lovborg (her husband's academic rival and Hedda past fling) and persuades herself that she can be the one to change Ejlert from his wrong handling of liquor and make him a better man.

Similarly, women in today's day and age, as in the past, who can be grouped together under the Hedda Gabler Syndrome, are women attracted to 'bad boys' and they strongly believe that no matter what the boy's flaws are, these women will be the ones to change them and transform them to a better version of themselves. Another characteristic of the syndrome is that this belief turns out to be delusional and it does not get put into practice.
Random examples in different versions of the Hedda Gabler Syndrome:

"Hedda believing she will help Ejlert, through her love for him, to quit being an alcoholic and reach his stellar academic writing talent."

" Woman x: He has been known to fear commitment, but I will make him change"

"Woman y: He has been known to be unfaithful to spaghetti al pesto, but once he tastes mine, he'll gain 50 pounds, guaranteed."

"Woman z: He is addicted to drinking, gambling, online gambling, diet coke, zero coke, cigars, cigarettes, soft drugs, hard drugs, sleeping, sex, red bull, nicotine gum, but I will help him come clean and sober up.'
by threelittleonions June 15, 2010
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