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A Heavy DB is a heavy douche bag. This person is a pathological liar, has poor morals, and steals. This person is portly, balding and has generally poor hygiene. A Heavy DB creates a world of make believe to make their miserable lives better. They frequently change jobs to avoid paying child support, lie about owning fast cars yet drive an intrepid, and are generally economically unstable.

Heavy DBs are social camelions anxious to conform into what ever you want them to be. If told to be on drugs, they will be on drugs. If you can dream it, they will do, all the while saying they have done it 'too much' in the past. They will be anything you tell them to be, just don't ask them to be responsible adults.

This person will have sex with the most unholy things. A DB has knowingly had sex with a girl with herpes, twice.

The Heavy DB has self appointed nicknames such as J-sizzle, Big Dirty, or Locomotive. No one calls this person by these dreadful monikers, but a DB is likely to introduce themselves as such things.
Joe: Hey Harley, why do you look so angry?

Harley: Mike invited me to his party, but all he had was Natty Ice and all I could hear was Papa Roach playing on the radio.

Joe: Natty Ice and Papa Roach?! What a Heavy DB!
by thegoodruss September 06, 2010
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