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Heather Spacker is basiclly a spacker. She is very bubbly and energetic. When Casualty Theme tune starts to play maan she goes CRAZY! Her favourite things include - Eating Lampshades, being the best spacker she ccan be and singing and dancing to Casualty! She tries to be like the cookie monster by singing and dancing to her best friend, Gay who is her special pretend Elmo. Heather enjoys her yummy diet of ham and Jam sandwiches and Lampshades - her favourite flavour are the green ones. Miss Spacker also likes eating Gay's bogeys - Yummy.
Dude 1 - Maan that girl is craaazy.

Dude 2 - I know right, she must be a heather spacker.

Dude 1 - Heather What? She is pretty hot.

*Heather eats one of gays bogeys which she keeps in her special bogey tin*

Dude 1 - Okay -maybe not. :L
by Sloth73 August 15, 2011
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