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Heartspeak is a pseudo-language that represents feelings that can’t easily be described between two people who have just fallen for each other because all conventional words seem “too small for such huge feelings”. While there are no clear-cut rules on how the pseudo-words are created, they often will use parts of the words that slightly describe how one feels, but can also include other words that may have been used by the couple.
Tom: “I know the idea of staring into your eyes while kissing you would be an amazing experience.”
Becky: “Once again, I hate to be mushy, but I’m not sure amazing is an apt description. Tell me in heartspeak.”
Tom: “It would be the most extragingerspendid experience.”
Becky: "LOL :) kiss"

Becky: “Give me a word to describe my pleasure.”
Becky: “and it’s because it is you.”
Tom: “Happiverbalwowy.”
Becky: “That is the word. :)”

Tom: “I was going to say, I feel totally butterhomesecuritized that you have me move in.”
Becky: “LOL that fits. :)”
by Toomas0324 March 31, 2013
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