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This heartbroken fan HBF is often mistaken for a fairweather fan. When in fact a heart broken fan has been through more diverse emotional and mental weather than any homer fairy fan whos who's fairytail beliefs are about as real as the money they use to buy all of his free tickets a HBF is willing to invest it all. Even until the death of optimism. Homer fans cheer for the ball boy, they predict a championship based on the jersey or logo. Their lack of realism is crazy obnoxious.

This heart break fan has invested not only his time and money, but his heart and sole. At 7 years old he crys when lose a playoff game. At 17 years old when the lose in the finals cause a full cardiac murmur you drive around the city for hours, in silence, trying to determine if he can go on living. The heart break fan realizes that his teams performance needs change and after only so many heart breaks and tears, his only choose is to step away. It starts with a break up. It's hard. You don't want to do it. You know you have to. You want to talk to people about it. But that only makes it worse because of the large amount of homer fans.
HeartBroken Fan - one who steps away from a team for a period of time to heal from Emotional and Physical Heart Break.

Zeen was so frustrated with the continued seasons of missed playoffs, poor draft picks, and no trades... it was a heartbreaking decision but Zeen's health was declining from the emotional toll that the poor performance and poor players have caused over poor team management.
by ZeenDaddy July 12, 2017
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