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Headster is a term used to describe individuals who are hybrids of hipsters and hippis (they're too young to actually be hippis but more accepting main stream cultures).

Music that has a surreal jazz, blues, reggae, funk, classic rock, folk/blue grass influence (or any combination there of) are considered music genres listened to by headsters.

Headers listen to obscure music of yesterday(such as live jam tracks from The Grateful Dead,Led Zeppelin deep tracks, Jethro Tull, Bob Marley, Frank Zappa, the solo work of John Frusciante, the Allman Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel and various other artists who have influenced the hippi culture but whose deeper tracks remained out of view of today's popular music culture and are still too main stream for hipsters.

(MGMT and Sublime are examples of contemporary bands that are too mainstream for hipsters but suit the needs of a headster). Music groups and solo albums that are offshoots of popular bands are also accepted as well.

The term headster is also derived from the relationship the term "head" has with marijuana. Headsters traditionally smoke weed and consume different types of foods that contain THC. Headsters own some form of paraphernalia and have multiple hook ups. Alcohol is also accepted but there is more focus on mind altering substances.

It isn't rare to see a headster drinking tea but it is to see a headster hanging out in a coffee house.
Examples and further explanation (to better explain the differences between Headsters and Hipsters):

Thrift stores are sought out by headsters, since they live bohemian life styles similar to hipsters but actually have a decent sense of fashion. Thrift stores contain articles of clothing that can seem awesome and hip all while being unique.

The clothing headsters wear can range between band shirts to Baja Hoodies (drug rugs)and sweaters that aren't as loud as the traditional hipster sweater. Hemp necklaces, bracelets and beanies are required accessories for a headster, but are not required to be worn at the same time. Vnecks are optional since it is more of a hipster trait.

A headster is typically between the age of 15 and 25. Headsters seek a better version of themselves as well as inner peace. It is not required but 99.67% of the time headsters play an instrument because of the frequent jam sessions that occur when ever two or more headsters are together for more than 20 minutes.

See examples below

"Dude, those headsters down the hall are so baked."

"Dude, did you hear the jam session those headsters had? It was amazing!"

"Dude, did you see those headsters that just got out of the elevator? They all had giant cups of ice cream. They got the mad munchies."

Headster: "Man those hipsters are so condescending."
by Gin of Gin and Tonic October 25, 2011
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