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1. The act of hacking something on The Internet.

2. To gain an unfair advantage on an Internet game/contest through use of hacks or cheats.

3. Misspelling of Cheat.
ASYENS: Hey, can I have your IP?
SportieAZNchic1337: Oh, sure! It's 12.392.272.438. Why do you need it.
SportieAZNchic1337: This is why I need it.
SportieAZNchic1337: WTF! You did not just hceat me! BITCH. D:<

Immalilmage: Hey guys, look at this new glitch I found on the server!
Classicthief: Wtf? Stop hceating. D:<

RedCircleNG: I hceated on the math test today.
Xiivi: D:<
RedCircleNG: cheated*
by BackToNormal January 24, 2006
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