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Hazleton Area School District, commonly abbreviated to HASD, is the largest school district in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Recently in the past 10 years mass Hispanic immigration happened, mostly composing of Dominicans, and Puerto Ricans most of whom are illegal immigrants that only moved here from the Bronx for the sweet welfare deals that Pennsylvania offers.

Most of these girls are of this see: teenage girl

The students here are practically pure idiots, as stereotyped by TV, which is sad but true. You have the typical cliques:
Jocks: The jerkoffs who think they're good at the sport they play, but aren't. They talk about NFL and other shit that nobody cares about. Also, you can't express your opinion about how bad they are because most of them are internet tough guys and talk shit behind everyone's back, including some of their teammates.
Emos: Although suprisingly small in number, emos at HASD are typically terrifying to look at due to the 50 pounds of makeup they wear on their face. Most of them are white and girls, who pretend to be lesbians but are just doing that shit for attention because mommy and daddy don't show them love.
Gangstas: See dumbass Most of them are indeed straight off the banana boat from the "DR" and no speak the english. They boast about how nice their home country is (which it isn't) and they go back there for the whole summer when the school year ends, go figure. They act like a typical hardass and always want to start a fight.
If you consider moving here and attending, don't. Hazleton Area School District will either make or break you.
by Thatkidyouknow December 17, 2013
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