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Musical alter-ego name of Haylie Duff, under which a massive music fraud ring was launched by an unknown individual, although it is suspected to be a woman from Florida or a man from Texas. This fraud ring involved someone passing off other artists' music as Haylies...fake press releases, a fake website named, and a fake Facebook fanpage is being run promoting said scam. Briefly, there was an album called 'Landmines', on, but it was pulled due to its fraudulent nature. Subsequently multiple singles were released on iTunes and, all of which were in fact NOT Haylie singing but in fact were other singers... Kristinia DeBarge, Janelle Monae, Christina Aguilera, Jordin Sparks, Cassie Steele, and many others are the real artists behind the music being passed off as Haylie Kat so do not fall for this scam!!!
This Haylie Kat fraud needs to be stopped at all costs.

This music is not Haylie Kat singing! It is other artists' music!
by B.A.N.S. April 24, 2010
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