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Hayden’s a Scorpio, he likes biking, and he’s never been laid. On weekends he likes to go to men’s volleyball games and watch the big brollic black men named requis block the ball. He is in a very happy relationship with a very stern faced man named Big Bad Blocking Brad. Hayden has a shark fetish, he likes to collect wooden sheep. Hayden takes pride in his 21 pilots poster collection and his best friend friend is a 5 pound bag of flour with a whole in it. Hayden has a pet ostrich named Carstairs, Hayden’s favourite food is pourage. Hayden was born in Portugal with an Asian mother named Theresa, and an Eastern Indian Papi named Curtis. Hayden takes pride in his 2014 Ford Flex, it’s the Weekender package he’s got space for Brad and their 3 kids. Hayden’s dream weekend getaway is to spend a weekend trapped in a double decker bus with Bill Nye, Tom Hanks and Big daddy Kevin. Hayden enjoys to do sycronized Yoga with Fabian.
“Look at Hayden Hughes taking kids to Soccer in the Flex !”
by Blockingbrad17 January 14, 2018
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