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A rondom burglar that owns jer fayce by means of newmaness. A Ruggid Individual that decided what he can and cant do. Even the navay cant stop him. A brilliant mind in wich bluntness is his stratigy. Equipped the MOST Haxor devices known to mankind.
"that random burglar gots ownd by that awper...hes haxor to the maxor!...wait the random burglar respawnd in DOOM 3 skin bat. and pumbled that haggard haxor to the matzor with plasma canon and 3 frag G. damn he aint messin nigga."

the graphics card of choice for this Haxor mastor:

IBM Graphics 1000 integrated hardware chip.


games for the Haxor Mastor:

E.T. (ripped from atari.)
race car driver
CS 1.5
(all games hacked to fit the Colecovision Atari 2600 Expansion Module.)

DAMN dis haggard random burglar owns jer fayce!

Wall Paper:

goat man, tubgirl, lemon party platnum edition as active desktop jpg.

So as you can see the newmanness of this Haxor mastor way out burglars any Haxor with the ballz to come close to this haggard goatman with a sword. 10 times the L337ness of an ati readeon x850 xt platnum edition 256mb duel DVI/TVI outs and a 16 pipeline rendering method.
by steve December 21, 2004
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