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When you smoke a joint while taking a giant shit in a tiny fire camp bathroom and then take a steaming hot shower. People know....
Hey man, I really wanted to brush my teeth but someone Hawaiian shitboxed the bathroom
by Ovipositor July 01, 2019
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Hawaiian Shitbox
Taking a shit in a bathroom with a shower on. This is accomplished by letting the shower run on the hottest setting until the mirror steams up. Once this occurs the dump-ee start shitting and the poo particles thicken up the already steamy air with a blast of shit gas. Once the deuce as been dropped, the fucktard usually sits around in the newly created scat dungeon.

The negatives of Hawaiin Shitboxing are as follows.
1. The heat from the steam causes one's pores to open up and absorb poo particles.
2. One has to keep breathing, and the air is so thick with shit gas that one constantly inhales the poo particles with every breath.

To Hawaiian Shitbox someone else, you simply take a quick shit in the same bathroom, while they are showering.

I love to Hawaiian Shitbox my university residence's bathrooms at least once a week.

Hey man did you Hawaiian Shitbox the bathroom? Its fucking disgusting in there.
by MaxCarnage May 07, 2016
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