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Hattaway is a very rare name for a woman, and it is a very hard name to come by. However, once your find a Hattaway, you never want to let her go. She has beautiful hair that changes color with the seasons, and her face is always happy and beautiful. She loves to talk, and keeps her friends very close. She loves her phone, but feels more connected by talking in person. Everything about her is adorable, and she is always on your mind once you meet her. It is very hard to understand her, but once you get her, you never let her go. She is the one that you marry.
I have been in love with Hattaway since the first day I saw her; that was 8 years ago!
by Kcajahohoh July 25, 2018
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Hattaway is someone who is sweet, funny, and adorable no matter what age. She is also judgmental which can often times come out as rude. She is a great friend and extremely sassy. Hattaway is a great mix of everything.
by cookies1018 January 02, 2017
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