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A Ninja Looting Egomaniac on the Stonemaul World of Warcraft realm. Recognized for having all the legendaries for a warrior: Twin Warglaives of Azzinoth, Thunderfury, Hand of Rag, and Thori'dal The Stars Fury. HatoUP also has a massive ego with his top 2vs2 team on Stonemaul and having collected almost every rare mount. Some refer to him as "Best Warrior on Stonemaul" and subscrube to his fan site calling him a "PvP god". Hatoup is often found in Ironforge telling Trade channel stories about how awesome he is. Pronounced "HATO-UP" many have prenounced it "hat-toup".
Guy1: "You seen that Video of Tunaboat mocking Hatoup?"
Guy2: "Oh Man! Hatoup got so pwned by Tunaboat!"
by Selystraa November 05, 2009
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