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A push up done by Ben Hatley. Done by holding one hand on the floor and pushing yourself only by one arm and only by the index finger. These are intensely hard to do. They can also be done against a wall. Its one of Ben's favorite exercises. So if you want arms no woman would want to leave, stand on one hand and do a Hatley Heave!
Ben: Hey Michael, look at this! I'm doing my Hatley Heave.

Michael: Wow! I never seen you do that. Its just a push up on one hand, right?

Ben: Yes, just lay down here and I'll show you what to do. (they both lie down) Push up on one hand and stick out your index finger. See how long you can hold it.

Michael: Woah, hard! I never thought that push ups could be so much fun!

Ben: Well, you're Grandpa is a big old bear. I've been doing push ups for years. And this is my favorite kind. You can't go wrong with a Hatley Heave!

Michael: (does another Hatley Heave) Yes! They're awesome! I'm gonna have to tell Nick about this. Maybe Alec, too. They'll like it.

Ben: The Hatley Heave is hot! Bicep inferno!
by Dusty's Baby Powder October 06, 2011
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