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A person picking arguments with other people as if the other person(s) are hating, when in reality said people are not hating at all and are either neutral or supportive. All because they want haters, expected haters, and yet was presented with either supporters and/or people who just don't give a fuck.
Person 1- "Bro this evo has 90000 horse power and can beat a cts-v no probz"
Person 2- "cool bro"
Person 1- "serious bro, I seen it! That thing SPANKS the Cts-v!"
Person 2- "I believe it bro. I mean the cts-v weighs like 4400lbs but I mean yea the evo whoops the cts-v"
person 1- "bro cry all you want you little bitch, the evo beats it every time."
Person 2- "bro, why you hater-crave all the damn time? I just said that the evo beats the cts-v, I don't see how I'm being a little bitch."
by iRuinLunches April 02, 2015
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