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adjective \hash-tard\
a. used to describe a person who has forgotten that they are posting on Facebook rather than Twitter and have used hash-tags in their post.

b. a person who intentionally uses hash tags in their posts on Facebook in an attempt to look cool or clever.
Hey hashtards, your hash tags don't work on Facebook.

Dear hashtards,
This is Facebook. Please refrain from using hash tags here as they do not work.
Annoyed Facebook user
by WhiskeyFish December 15, 2011
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Any person who uses more hashtags than actual words in their social media posts.
I had to remove Christina from my news feed because she is a hash-tard. I got tired of reading things like "Getting my hair done. #gorgeous #dyingmyhair #blonde #naturalbeauty #whatwhat #jealousbitch #hot #ilovechewinggum #whatwasisaying #ihaveADHD.
by Ninja Nerd Warrior October 14, 2013
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Someone who uses a shit ton of unnecessary and overly specific hashtags, especially on Facebook. Often trying to make a photo funny, rather than organizing conversations. Please refer to on the proper usage of what was once known as the pound sign.
You are a hashtard if you use hashtags like this: #cvsfiatdavidbowievhinagirlewwaderill or #sittingrightnexttoyoueww
by Hashtag Corrector October 29, 2013
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