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When working as a bartender, waitress, or any customer service-related field in the Cambridge/Boston/Somerville area; the pompous, arrogant, shockingly entitled undergrad with no social skills and a special sort of rudeness that is just outright frightening. Harvard Fucks have never worked a real job in their lives, and have no concept of tipping, saying please and thank you, and looking at you while you speak to them. To a Harvard Fuck, you do not exist. Harvard Fucks leave $10 on a $100 tab, and can manage to make one beer last for three hours. After your second or third Harvard Fuck, you can spot them from a mile away, and your "friendly waitstaff" is flipping coins to see who has to deal with the slave-driving and 9% tip.
Ashley- "Lisa, are you okay?"

Lisa- "No! Those cocksuckers at table twenty-six tipped me $5 on a $62 dollar tab! They've been here ALL NIGHT! Don't they know we live on tips?"

Ashley- "No, Lisa. Those Harvard Fucks have no fucking clue."
by angrybird617 February 06, 2011
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