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A long time ago for as long as man can remember, there was a small group of private Universities (Yale, Harvard, Princeton, etc.) attended by arrogant sons and daughters of aristocrats and socialites. Due to their influential background and their white skin tone, they eventually graduated and naturally became leaders, CEOs, and CFOs of the world’s largest public corporations. They wanted a way to make money without exerting much effort so they decided to make public announcements of how their companies would do business together to generate X amount of revenue. This news led many investors, educated and uneducated, into foolishly buying shares of these companies. As the price of the shares rose, these so-called leaders became filthy rich. They would indulge in the finest caviar and French wines, wear designer suits and drive the fastest cars from Italy, and of course, have access to the most physically attractive women the world has to offer. Eventually their scam would come to an end so they had to sell their ownership of these company shares and announce to the public that the deals went sour. These scams repeat over and over throughout the history of man. This, my friend, is how the world works. If you are born the right color, and at the right time, you can have it all.
Joe: Life is so unfair. I just got canned dude.

Jack: Yup life sucks. If there's such thing as reincarnation, I'd want to be reborn a Harvard Jew.

Joe: Me too!
by Gagamel August 11, 2010
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