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That guy you always see in the gym who loads the Bench Press up to a very impressive level, before making a fool of himself by only extending his arms half way through each repetition.

Also seen when a guy is trying to impress the ladies with as many push-ups as he can muster, only to not push himself more than a carrot's-length from the ground.
Corporal #1: Oh wow, I rarely see Sir in the gym at the same time as us, I was starting to think he never went at all!

Corporal #2: Wow Lieutenant Scotts must be a unit to push all that weight!

*Lt. Scotts barely raises the bar above his chest before lowering it, and repeats*

Corporal #1: Yeah, I knew it: he was totally lying when he bragged about his bench press.

Corporal #2: No doubt, he's just Harry Half-Reps!
by Esquire Davis September 04, 2011
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