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The school with possibly the biggest percent of fake Barbie girls, and douche bag guys. If you don't party every weekend, smoke, or drink, or are a virgin, you're a loser. There's a fight almost every week. At the school or on Facebook. We've been on the national news for our cheese sandwiches for lunch. You can rarely trust anyone there.

Our football team went from going undefeated, to losing almost every single game. Same with our basketball team. The cheerleaders have gotten better than they used to be.
The sport with the most accomplishments would probably be cross country. Though apparently, if it isn't football or basketball, no one cares. If you're a good athlete you can do whatever you want.

Everyone has had a rumor spread about them. No one really cares about anyone else but theirselves. It's very rare to find a non-failing relationship without cheating, or lying.

It sucks.
Person 1: "What school do you go to?"
Person 2: "Harrison Central High School."
Person 1: "Sucks to be you."
by xD :D February 24, 2011
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