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A Harrington jacket is a type of short, lightweight jacket, made of cotton, polyester, wool or suede — usually with a tartan or check-patterned lining.

The first Harrington-style jackets were made by British clothing company Baracuta in the 1930s. As of 2008, the company still makes the same model, the G9. Elvis Presley popularized the Baracuta G9 when he wore it in his 1958 movie King Creole. This style of jacket earned the nickname Harrington because it was worn by the character Rodney Harrington (played by Ryan O'Neal) in the 1960s television program Peyton Place; John Simmons, who opened 'The Ivy Shop', Richmond, London, claims to have coined this description.

They have became popular in the 60's onwards with mods and skinheads.
I love my harrington jacket, im a skinhead myself and the tarten-lining it gives of a hard look
by Bovva May 19, 2009
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