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Not much is known of the origin of the Hardcore Hooligan, other than he is an enigma who first gained popularity in the late 90's. Achieved worldwide popularity in 2006 with his "Armani Livid" photoshoot, which was featured in popular maninstream magazines such as GQ and Maxim, among many others. Due to his piercings and tattoos, this was a major breakthrough for other models with an "alternative" style.

Most recently achieved notoriety as the leader of both the TPMB Crew (Taking Porch Monkey Back Crew) as well as the BHA (Bum Hunters of Austin). Both groups consisted of jackbooted hooligans who found amusement in hunting the city's homeless and spraying them, or "fogging" them, with fire extinguishers, among other acts of hooliganism.

Has been known to have very high standards with the women that he dates, and prefers thinspos (anorexic) with "perfect" noses. Prefers "Gabber" type music over any other.
OMG! That guy is SUCH a Hardcore Hooligan! drools
by Skin Byrd January 20, 2008
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