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Someone who builds a badass car and never uses it for it's intended purpose.
Erwin spent all his money on making his car track worthy, but when track day comes he would rather sit there and be a hard parker instead.
by HammeredRacoon/MAD SCIENTIST November 15, 2009
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Noun, derived from the verb hardparking. One who has all manner of track and race modifications on his/her car, yet never goes to the track or auto-x.
"Jim's 325is with the M-tech body kit and Moton coil-overs and Turner sway bars, and that finned diff cover on the 3.23 LSD from Bob's totaled '99 M3, and the roll cage with fire supression system, and the 3.5" HFM and all his shizz under the hood is so hot right now."

"Yeah, dude, too bad he's a hardparker, if he learned how to drive that car would kill at the auto-x."
by Eryan36 December 05, 2008
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