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Harbinder is a homosexual Indian man from Bangladesh who frequently monitors and calls into internet radio shows to complain that everyone and everything said is really speaking in homosexual code. He aims to antagonize hosts and guests by inferring everyone is in the closet or everyone is secretly bashing homosexuals. He has attacked Popeye of Down The Rabbit Hole, inferring that Down The Rabbit Hole is a homosexual reference. He also attacked Kenn Webb of Change Da Channel, after Kenn Webb spoke about his experience in the military where the recruits were doing "muscle failure" push ups. Harbinder accused Kenn Webb of homosexual urges because Kenn had "four or five guys, with legs wrapped around his head, and stuff spraying in his face".

Harbinder is most vocal on Hangar 18 on Truth Frequency Radio. He also complains that Truth Frequency Radio should be about "the truth", 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year".

Harbinder also calls in from the side of the road, waiting for "Triple A" to fix the tire on his car.

Harbinder also goes by the name of Dr. Harbinder and The Prophet Harbinder".
"Did you hear Harbinder trolling Kenn Webb last night?"
"Let's go to the phone lines. Harbinder, you're on the air!"
"As the Prophet Harbinder said, TFR should be about the TRUTH"
by Hangar18TFR July 02, 2014
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Hello I want to talk to Harbinder. Harbinder lives in New York and drives a Taxi cab. He's going to fuck your sister man...
Hello I want to talk to Harbinder.
by Kameleon October 20, 2003
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a straight indian male who is also a goat fucker. he takes the goat and does some iffy things with said goat. commonly refers to clapping another male's cheeks and has a fursona.
see that guy fucking a goat? he is a harbinder for sure.
by mynameisbendoverAhAh October 23, 2018
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