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A happy panda is someone who is just in a good mood.It describes a happy person.
person1:How are you?
person2:Im a Happy Panda im going out with Zack now
by i<3youz December 25, 2010
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A attractive Asian girl.
It is to be called out when you see a cute asian girl.
(as an attactive asian woman walks by) HAPPY PANDA!!!!
by Glenn Eason October 23, 2006
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Someone living on the top floor of a panda house, or a tree. More specifically, a ponderosa tree. These people can be described as tree-hugging liberal badasses who care about the good will and fortune of pandas.
TK lives at the top of ponderosa. She's kind of liberal, but she's a happy panda.
by pandalover556 October 21, 2011
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