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Text sent out on Friday to remind all to celebrate life, love, music and humanity (naked, of course), in a non-materialistic appreciation of our naked assets, talents and dreams. As thousands would concur, started by musical genius over 20 years ago (this site will not let me mention the name of, yet, pending clarification of celebrity status). Now trending across the world and in urban cities throughout the US. Innocent and non-sexual, respectfully submitted, flirtatious gesture. To let your dreads down, so to speak, in a way that let's someone know you appreciate them for who they are, minus all the "stuff" that they carry around with or on them. "Happy Naked Friday" everyone!
Danno: Happy Naked Friday!
Jacq: Thanks babe!
Danno: Where are your Pants at?
Jacq: Sleeping in the laundry basket. Are you playing tonight?
Danno: Yep. AtFirstAve

Jacq: See you there! Love ya!
by SupaJacq February 20, 2015
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