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A parody religion, used to mock creationists. Haopantsians believe that the Universe, the Earth, and life were created by Hao Asakura's Pants. This religion was invented by Youtube user zolo1243.
The creation beliefs of Haopantshianity:

In the beginning, there was nothing, except for...a great pair of Pants.

Then, in 300 B.C....

From His Divine Pantlegs came the Flames, the ashes of which would form our Universe.

Then, from His great Pantlegs came innumerable gallons of Lava, which would cool and harden to form our terrestrial planets.

The smoke from the lava became our Universe's gaseous planets.

He painfully squeezed out a Sun, to brighten and warm our world...

From His great Pantlegs came the Hot Coals, which hatched into every species of life on Earth.

And to this day, He watches over us, His children, the Earth embraced by His loving Pantlegs.
by haopantsian August 05, 2008
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