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Once upon a time, the Jews were running low on oil to light their lamps. They really didn't want to spend money on any additional oil. They put the remnants of their oil in the lamp, and the lamp stayed lit for 8 days, and even 8 nights.

The Jews celebrate this moment of thrift each year, calling this festival "Hannukah".

A "Hannukah bowl" is a bowl that lasts much longer than initially anticipated.

Additionally, fuck you Natasha.
I can't believe this bowl is still going. This is a fucking Hannukah bowl.
by make it rains April 02, 2011
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When a nearly-kicked see definition of "kicked" bowl lasts longer than previously expected.
I was so upset when he handed me the bowl and said, "it's kicked", but then I took a pull and got a big hit; two hits later, we revelled in our Hannukah bowl.
by Natasha April 24, 2005
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