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If somebody is more hungover than you, you don't seem to feel nearly as bad. Applies to other circumstances too, like if you are watching a scary movie and somebody is finding it scarier than you, you are naturally not as scared and can sometimes even enjoy the moment when your mate craps their pants! Universally applied to many situations. Has a good humorous outcome normally :)
The next day Jake was vomiting, while I felt like crap, on his fifth vomit I realized that I was in a far better place phycologically than Jake.
If somebody screws up more than u, u can apply the hangover theory too and fly under the radar :)
Watching a chick flick , and where possible u find a dude suffering more than u watching the movie, sit back relax and watch life's movie unfold....there is fun there :) Burcules
by Burcules January 23, 2015
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