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When suffering from a hangover, all areas of the human body seem to shut down - all functions are inoperable or at least you don't have the energy to try them. All that is, bar one. Despite feeling that you're close to death, the libido not only remains, but seems to be heightened - congratulations, you have the Hangover Horn.
Sarah: Jesus, where have you been, I've been phoning you for ages?!
Mike: Sorry, I was out drinking last night. I've got the Hangover Horn, you caught me on the up stroke.
by BrianTrousers March 21, 2009
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you think every thing is sexual and its turns you on
dude ive got the hangover horn bad i thought this wooden tray was hot? coz its made of wood,hard,smooth and needs both hands to hold it...see?
by bambi901 January 20, 2009
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