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To take care of business! Whether it's regular day to day stuff, current beef you have with anyone (or if you're the mediator in friend drama), or unfortunate mishaps in life... YOU JUST GOTTA HANDLE THAT SHIT!
Paul: "Ay, is everything good witchu and what's her name?
Joe: "Nah, man she all in my ear about some dumb shit rn. I need to set her straight!"
Paul: "Oh aight, Handle Your Scandal bruh!
by ssqwad December 29, 2014
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When someone is very high/drunk and they are being obvious about it, you tell them to "handle your scandal" as a way of telling them that they are attracting too much attention.
Guy 1: whhoooooaaaa man im SOOOO high!
Guy 2: Bro handle your scandal there is a cop right there!
by mcellis September 06, 2011
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You'd say this when you're letting someone know that they need to keep their boyfriend or girlfriend in check. Their girlfriend/boyfriend is going behind his/her back doing things he/she doesn't know about, and probably wouldn't approve of.
Bitch, your boyfriend totally came and visited me behind your back. You need to handle your scandal!
by muh ris uh October 18, 2007
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